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Bringing family and friends together, one celebration at a time.

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MWP_LisaLou-5 copy 2.jpg

Hi Friends!

I know it is not easy balancing life. We are single, we are married, we are parents, children, and siblings. We wear many hats that remind us of our different responsibilities. We build careers, start companies, drive carpool, and rear toddlers. Without any certification we practice medicine, manage financials, are unlicensed plumbers, and serve as event planners. All while screaming, “I need a handbook!” The Celebrate team is made up of people like you who want to live with purpose. We use our platform to provide simplistic guidance on how to get back to what is important, and that is connection to those around us. Our mission at Celebrate is simple. We bring family and friends together, one celebration at a time.

Lisa Lou

BA in Journalism

Certified by Charleston School of Protocol

Certified SYMBIS Marriage Mentor

Certified by Home Staging Resource

My favorite tablescapes curated for you 

Wrapping gifts in Houston!

At Celebrate Gift Wrapping, we lower your stress level by creating elegantly simple, yet sophisticated, packages each topped with a traditional Tiffany-inspired bow! Serving personal and corporate customers our team is ready, throughout the year, to help make your life a little easier. We give away 100% of profits to The Children’s Fund who serve local Houston children's charities.


Charitable Contributions - The Children's Fund, Inc.

We give 100% of our profits to The Children’s Fund! This means every purchase you make helps us improve the lives of disadvantaged children in the Houston area. The Children’s Fund is dedicated to helping charities fulfill their mission to provide critical services to children in need.

The Children's Fund 2022 Charities

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